joe munoz ashley rodriguez 'American Idol': Ashley Rodriguez, Joe Munoz, two others leave Top 24The first results show is upon us and it turns out that there are no surprises in this little game we call “American Idol” eliminations.

The show kicks off with the season’s first group sing. In this case: “America Boy.” The girls sound great together so there’s no way this is live.

Then the boys sing and it’s not so good, making me think it is in fact live. Oh, they’re step-touching! It’s so high school show choir and not in a good “Glee” way. And there’s the arm raise. No group sing is complete without it.

The first set of results are for the girls. Janell Wheeler is going home, but Haeley Vaughn is safe.

OK, so maybe there is a one surprise tonight.

However, Janell was one of the weakest on Tuesday night. She was still better than about half the men, so it’s unfortunate we can’t send home four dudes.

Allison Iraheta from last season’s “Idol” is here to perform and her performance of “Scars” is as gorgeous live as it is on the album. God, she’s so good. Her smoky alto voice just has the best pure sound.

She’s also adorably cute talking about her awkward interviews from last year.

The second group of girl results reveals that Ashley Rodriguez is going home.

That’s about right too. Ashley was one of the early frontrunners but she got almost no play in Hollywood Week and then did a pretty poor job on Tuesday night.

Moving on to the guys, Joe Munoz is the first to be sent home. Man, that stinks. He wasn’t one of the bottom two by far, but it’s got to be hard when you’re the Invisible Man and not as cute as Tim Urban (sorry, but he’s cute and he got votes because of it).

Haiti Break
: Kris Allen talks about his trip to the earthquake-devastated country. Then while Kris gets set up, Ryan informs us that 100% of the proceeds from the iTunes downloads of Kris’ performance will go to Haiti or you can text “Idol” to 20222 to donate $10. Kris does “Let It Be” while a montage of Haiti footage plays. That’s beautiful, I’m getting a little misty.

Finally, Tyler Grady learns that he’s going home. This is a bit surprising (although not as much as Haeley staying). Alex Lambert was really weak last night and his reaction is telling — he thought he was going home too.

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