american judges 'American Idol' Auditions: Sorry Simon, you are no longer missed“We’re here ’cause we’re not all there,” says new judge Steven Tyler in the 23 minute audition footage Fox released from season 10 of “American Idol.” Trust us when we say we are so glad Tyler and fellow newbie Jennifer Lopez are there.

Fans expecting the show to suffer without Simon Cowell, fret not. Tyler and Lopez bring a fresh and fun energy to the judging table and even returning judge Randy Jackson appears totally reinvigorated.

So what can you expect from the new judges? Lopez brings a whole lot of look…. and she’s never looked better. With a new hairstyle and make-up at each audition, Lopez looks stunning, even as she sheds a tear or two when she is moved by contestants. She also seems to be thoroughly entertained by Tyler, who will without a doubt be the talk of “Idol.”

Tyler is kind of cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs and we love it. He often starts singing along with the contestants or dances around in his seat with eyes closed. After one hopeful blows him away, Tyler exclaims, “f-ck a duck!” and then adds, “Am I allowed to say that?” Lopez then quips, “Loop it to say ‘suck a duck’?” Seriously, it’s awesome.

We also like to think of this as Tyler’s campaign to land his own version of “Rock of Love,” as he flirts with one contestant who sings Aerosmith’s “Dream On.”

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