idol la vs dallas 320 'American Idol': Best audition city? Vote!Tuesday night’s less-than-stellar Denver auditions on “American Idol” got us thinking — which city yielded the best talent?

Let’s take a look back at which Golden Ticket holders we saw emerge from each city.

Boston: Katie Stevens, Maddy Curtis, Ashley Rodriguez, Leah Laurenti, 32 Golden Tickets.

Atlanta: Mallory Haley, Jermaine Sellers, Bryan Walker, Keia Johnson, Holly Hardin, Vanessa Wolfe, General Larry Platt, 25 Golden Tickets.

Chicago: Katelyn Epperly, Charity Vance, Angela Martin, John Park, 13 Golden Tickets.

Orlando: Shelby Dressel, Jermaine Purifoy, Matt Lawrence, Janell Wheeler, the Desimone Sisters, 31 Golden Tickets.

Los Angeles: Jim Ranger, Mary Powers, Andrew Garcia, Tasha Layton, Chris Golightly, 22 Golden Tickets.

Dallas: Erica Rhodes, Todrick Hall, Lloyd Thomas, Kimberly Carver, Dave Pittman, Maegan Wright, 31 Golden Tickets.

Denver: Mark Labriola, Nicci Nix, Tori Kelly, Danelle Hayes, Kimberly Kerbow, Casey James, Haeley Vaughn, 26 Golden Tickets.

Notice how none of the Denver names are links? It’s because nobody stood out enough for us to do a break-out post on his or her audition, which we think is very telling about Denver. We liked a lot of people, but nobody really stood out for us.

However, if you go by the number of tickets to Hollywood given out, Chicago is clearly the weakest and Boston eeked out a win as the best.

What do you guys think? Which city was the best audition city?

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