blake lewis final 'American Idol': Blake Lewis on judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. Stop the presses!Wednesday (Sept 22) morning, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler became part of “American Idol” history (as well as a complete balanced breakfast) when Ryan Seacrest confirmed what was rumored for weeks. While we are surprised,underwhelmed, over it, could not care less, coming down from our high  a little nugget of pop culture goodness attacked our blackberry like a Mel Gibson rant on a Russian baby momma’s voice mail.

The unsolicited email was from a ghost of “American Idol” past who wanted to share with us his really compelling thoughts on the subject.

And by thoughts we mean Blake Lewis hired a pricey lil’ publicist to issue an official statement. So to make sure the beat-boxing boy wonder gets his money worth we will print the statement in its uninterrupted brilliance. Christmas came early this year folks.

“The judges are fresh for the 10th season of Idol. I am ready to see Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler take over. I love that this season’s panel now includes judges who made a career as performers and I can’t wait to see what antics these two will bring to that table. As long as this year’s contestants are diverse and true to the stage, I’ll be in the front row of my living room just like the rest of America.”

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Posted by:Matthew Hoffman