andrew garcia 320 'American Idol': Can Andrew Garcia live up to the hype?This may be a first: An “American Idol” contestant pulling huge Internet traffic before he even appears on the show.

Such is the case, though, with one Andrew Garcia. He did not appear on Wednesday’s (Jan. 20) audition episode, unless you count the preview for next week. Yet he shot into the top 20 of Google’s trend list Wednesday night.

Here’s what we know: Garcia is a Southern California native. He’s got a Facebook fan page and a Myspace page and 5,000-plus followers on Twitter. From the looks of things, he appears on the L.A. audition episode next week — he’s the guy in the preview with the hat and glasses, hitting what sounds like a very clean note. He’s also on the various leaked top 24 lists for this season.

But that’s not a lot to go on — particularly since the guy wasn’t even named in the episode. So what gives, Internet users of the world? Did a five-second preview coupled with his purported place in the top 24 make you curious? Can he live up to the hype next week and beyond?

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Photo credit: Myspace/Andrew Garcia

Posted by:Rick Porter