chris medina 'American Idol': Chris Medina's emotional auditionOn “American Idol,” there’s sometimes sob stories you are skeptical of. You know, the ones you feel like people are telling because it will increase their chances of getting a golden ticket. Then there’s Chris Medina’s story.

Medina, a 26-year-old barista from Chicago, has been with his girlfriend Juliana for eight years and  they’ve been engaged for two years. On Oct. 2, 2009, Juliana was in a car accident, which Medina says caused “everything to change.”  Julie suffered a traumatic brain injury. Luckily, Juliana woke up, but Chris and her mother act as her caretakers. Medina wore her engagement ring around his neck during the audition.

Proving to be a truly great man, Medina says he is sticking to his vows (“in sickness and in health”) saying “What kind of a guy woould I be if I left her when she needed me most?” Medina’s story and positive attitude had as sobbing throughout his audition, including his beautiful rendition of The Script’s “Breakeven,” which seemed to perfectly capture his story with lyrics like “I’m still alive, but I’m barely breathing.”

The judges, obviously moved by Medina and his story, asked him to bring his girlfriend in so they could meet her. As the judges shook her hand, Steven Tyler told her the reason Medina was so good was because he sang to her: “It’s why he’s so good.”

The judges sent Medina through to Hollywood Week, where we are really excited to hear more from him. Below is a song Medina wrote for Juliana during her hospital stay:

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