american idol judges 320 2 'American Idol' contract: No relationships, the money break downHave you always wondered what kind of contract the contestants have to sign on “American Idol”? Some major details have leaked.

TMZ has obtained a copy of the contestants’ contract because a copy was filed in court due to a contestant being a minor, though they don’t say from which season.

One major part of the contract is that the contestant has to swear off any fraternizing with the show’s celebs. “Neither I nor any members of my family or my friends will enter into
any personal, social, business, and or financial relationships with any
of the judges, host(s), guest stars …” is the exact language. The relationship prohibition is required until 6 months after the show stops airing.

Now on the money. The winner gets $175,000 upon winning and another $175,000 upon delivery of an album. From then on, each delivered album nets him or her more money, upon until the sixth album, which pays they between $500,000 and $1 million, depending on the success of the album.

The runner-up gets $150,000 upon taking second and another $150,000 upon delivery of an album. The money goes up from there for the runner-up but is always a little less than the winner’s amount. For finishers 3 through 12, if the label signs them, gets $100,000 upon signing and another $100,000 upon album delivery.

Interesting. We would’ve guessed the amounts for the winner and runner-up would have been more. The other interesting part of the contract is that “American Idol” isn’t required to pay incidental expenses during the show’s run.

What do you guys think? Illuminating?

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