American Idol” stars Crystal Bowersox and Didi Benami might not be huge “Twilight” fans (don’t run them off of Twitter, Twi-hards) but they do love vampires. “I think they’re cool, and usually they’re hot,” Didi tells Zap2it between tour rehearsals. “And they have fair skin like me.”

“I like vampires,” Bowersox agrees. In fact, Crystal was bummed out when the “Idol” cast shot the “Twilight”-inspired Ford video, because she lacked an essential vampire trait. “I don’t have any fangs,” she says, pointing at the spaces where her canines should be. “That was the hardest thing about the Ford shoot. Everyone wore fangs but me, because I don’t have a tooth to put it on!”

Don’t worry, Crystal; being an “American Idol” is at least as cool as being a vampire.

Bowersox and Benami have both been working on new music. “I started writing one last night, a new one,” Crystal says. “But I’d really like to do most of my pre-Idol stuff. Songs that I’ve written in years past. I’m working with Jive and we’re figuring out musicians, producers, the whole bit, just to get the best product we can.”

“I’ve been writing ever since I got booted,” Benami tells us. She’s working with Jason Reeves, the singer-songwriter who co-wrote most of Colbie Callait’s hits, like “Bubbly” and “Realize.”

The ladies are touring the country with the “American Idol” Live Summer Tour starting on July 1. (Don’t forget to buy your tickets!) Hopefully they’ll get their records out soon after that — we’re looking forward to it.

If you wanna join the summer jam with your favorite Season 9 Idols then check out the full concert schedule for “American Idols Live Tour” here and purchase tickets at Live Nation.

Check out our full interview with Didi and Crystal below.  

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie