crystal bowersox american i 'American Idol': Crystal Bowersox ready to quit show    but Seacrest saves herAs if “American Idol” fanatics aren’t still reeling from the impending departure of judge Simon Cowell next season, now comes word that Season 9 front-runner Crystal Bowersox wanted to leave the show.

According to TMZ, homesick Bowersox was ready to motor from the FOX reality competition series just a little over two weeks ago. But apparently none other than “American Idol” master of ceremonies Ryan Seacrest came to the rescue and convinced the dread head rocker to stick with the show.

The “Idol Come-to-Jesus” reportedly went down in a parking lot just earshot of several witnesses. Bowersox — or as fans affectionately call her “Mamasox” — confided to Seacrest that she couldn’t handle the high pressure competition or all of the attention, and she wanted to head home to Ohio to be with family.

Bowersox told Seacrest: “What’s the point?,” reports TMZ.

Seacrest then compared Bowersox’s journey on “American Idol” to that of starting a business, saying that winning a recording contract would make her a millionaire. Additionally, Seacrest explained there was no better feeling than when the money he earned from his career afforded the opportunity to buy Mama Seacrest a house.

“You can buy your mom a house,” he told Bowersox.

Apparently the Bowersox-Seacrest heart-to-heart prevailed because its been two weeks since Crystal threatened to quit, yet she’s still competing on the show.

And may we add, Bowersox is competing much to the satisfaction and happiness of many adoring “Idol” fans. Hang in there Mamasox! We need you, the show needs you.

And selfishly the Los Angeles Times’ Idol Buzzmeter pundit writing this post also needs you, since we sort have been predicting for weeks that Season 9 is going to come down to either a Mamasox/Lee Dewyze or Mamasox/Casey James finale matchup. So please, help a brother out.

[UPDATE]: Ryan Seacrest confirms the report that he “tracked down an emotionally drained” Bowersox and talked her down, according to E!

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