crystal bowersox 320 'American Idol': Crystal Bowersox texted Katelyn Epperly 'Betrayed by Seacrest'Last week, news broke that Crystal Bowersox nearly quit “American Idol” but was talked into staying by Ryan Seacrest. After reading the reports, ousted Top 24 contestant Katelyn Epperly texted Bowersox to check in.

Epperly tells Star 102.5 in her hometown of Des Moines, Iowa, that Bowersox wrote back, “Oh yes. I’m fine. Betrayed by Seacrest!”

“She had a moment backstage where she was just missing her kid … and sometimes it really gets to her,” Epperly tells the station. She probably just had a moment and they made it to be something that it wasn’t. She’s fine.”

Seacrest allegedly convinced Bowersox to stay by emphasizing how lucrative “Idol” is and telling her she’d be able to buy her mother a house if she stuck it out. Bowersox addressed the incident on Facebook, adding, “Media is a funny thing. Stretched and skewed and far from the truth. Lets play telephone and see what we come up with!! :-)”

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credit: FOX

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie