taylor lauren gi 'American Idol' dating shenanigans: Who's hooking up with a 'Twilight' star?Oh, to be young, on television and surrounded by pretty people.

US Weekly has quite the interesting dating report on the “American Idol” contestants, which makes it seem like Season 10 of the hit show has turned into “The Real World: American Idol Mansion.” (Side-note: We would totally watch that.)

The magazine is reporting that Paul McDonald isn’t team Edward or Jacob, but Team Rosalie. The 26-year-old has reportedly been on several Skype dates with “Twilight” star Nikki Reed, 22. Yes, you read that right: Skype dates.

McDonald isn’t the only contestant that seems to be a Twi-hard; Lauren Alaina and Taylor Lautner have reportedly crashed these Skype dates (Oh, teenagers), and Alaina appears to be smitten with the heartthrob.

How do we know this, for sure? Because she sent the 19-year-old a heart-shaped signal on the Mar. 30. Nothing says I like you like reminding your crush of the girl that dumped him (Hi, Taylor Swift!) and then wrote a song about it.

Now for some contestant-on-contestant crushes, Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams are apparently hooking up… but only because she got dumped by Stefano Langone who now wants to be with Pia Toscano. A source says Haley is with Casey as “a revenge move to get back at Stefano.”

To recap, we feel like we’re stuck in an episode of “As The World Turns” or something.

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