deandre brackensick american idol 'American Idol': DeAndre Brackensick knows he needs to step it upAmerica, DeAndre Brackensick would like you to know that he’s aware he needs to step up his game if he wants to win Season 11 of “American Idol.”

The 17-year-old tells Zap2it, “When I didn’t get picked [in the Top 10, that] was that wakeup call for me. Thankfully I made it through, so it’s a blessing in disguise. It’s just made me want to work harder and motivate myself even more.”

Don’t think he’s not working hard — Brackensick says he thoroughly analyzes each of his performances to figure out where he can improve. “The night I sing I go and listen to everything I didn’t do
right, the runs I didn’t do correctly, every note I didn’t hit right,
what I should’ve done more, performance-wise, or what camera I should’ve
looked at more — everything,” he says. “I need to be better. As you can
tell I didn’t [make the Top 10], but I’m here, so I need to step it up.”

Brackensick is proud of what he’s done so far, though, and is excited the judges believe in him. “It feels really amazing for people with such high standards like that to believe in you and to give you another chance,” he says. “So I’m really excited and I’m really grateful for that. I just hope America feels the same way!”

This week, the Top 13 boys are covering Stevie Wonder. Brackensick says he’s pleased with his song choice. “I love Stevie Wonder, and there’s just those certain songs that you stick
to and think ‘Oh, that would sound great with my voice.’ Thank God I
got that song. It means a lot to me.”

Just don’t expect to hear his falsetto the whole time — he’s switching it up this week. “There’s not going to be any falsetto,” he says.

Actually, scratch that — there could be some. “Probably here and there because that’s who I am as a singer,” he admits, but “it’s going to be a really different feel, a different sound for people. I hope they like that.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley