american idol dexter roberts eliminated top 7 'American Idol' Dexter Roberts' post elimination plans: Sleep, Nashville and a hunting showNow that Dexter Roberts’ “American Idol” journey is over, the 22-year-old Alabama singer has a new plan of action. First, a nap (preferably outdoors somewhere). Second, head to Nashville and work on a country music career. Third, a hunting show. Wait, what?

Roberts tells a small group of reporters backstage after his elimination during Top 7 week that his big dream is actually to have a hunting show. “I’m going to sleep for a few days,” he says of his immediate plans. “I told my mom if I get kicked off sometime, I’m going to get a tepee and go in the woods and just live in the woods for a few days, just get away from the city because I’m all about staying in the woods, outdoors and stuff. But I’m going to keep a singing career and hopefully have a hunting show one day — turkeys and ducks and whitetails.”

But first, the singing career. Roberts has his eye on Nashville, and hopes to one day have a career like one of his favorite singers, Luke Bryan. “I love Luke Bryan. He has some good stuff,” Roberts says. In fact, the song his fellow contestants chose for him during Top 7 week, “Muckalee Creek Water,” is his favorite Bryan tune. “I sing it all the time in the shower.”

The judges gave Roberts some advice after his elimination, but he barely remembers it. “I remember I hugged Keith and then I talked to Harry for a minute, and then Jennifer Lopez, I talked to her for a little bit. I can’t remember. It was so quick. I remember I hugged Randy and then I remember somebody tapped me on the shoulder and I was looking around.”

But the judges have given him enough good advice through the weeks of the competition that he’ll take with him as he leaves. “Well, my pronunciation — I need to work on how I say my words and stuff. I guess it’s just the country twang in me, I reckon. I’m gonna have to have a tutor or something.”

He won’t think too hard, though. “[Keith] told me just to go out there and have fun, you know. Just connect with the audience more. That’s what I’m gonna try to do more on tour.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley