hollie cavanagh pink american idol 'American Idol': Did Hollie Cavanagh deserve the judges' wrath for 'Perfect'?The “American Idol” finalists are in it to win it, dawg (as Randy Jackson might say) — did you see the Top 7 all absolutely slay their solo numbers during “Top 100 hits from the last three years” week? (Clunky title, yes.) For the most part, Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler loved the performances, but for some reason they seemed unnecessarily harsh on Hollie Cavanagh, who had her best week yet on the Pink hit “Perfect.”

Zap2it caught up with the tiny Texan after the show to talk about the seemingly unfair criticism of her performance.

“I’ve been in the bottom the the past two weeks now and I just keep getting
bad feedback. I don’t feel like my performances are horrible,” she confesses. “Maybe other people have more experience and control. There are so
many things that go into singing, I just — I don’t know.
Elise [Testone] was actually really sweet to me. She came up to me afterwards and
was like ‘That was crap, I cried because it was so good.’ She was just
really supportive, and obviously Josh[ua Ledet, her BFF] is always supportive because he
has no choice.”

Testone tells us later that she really did cry — not once, but twice. “She was so good tonight. I don’t care. That was bulls—,” she says. “I cried when
she was singing because it was the best I’d ever seen her sing. That’s
why I was so mad. She was really really into it. Then I cried
when they gave her bad feedback because she didn’t deserve it.”

Cavanagh’s bestie Ledet says watching his friend perform is almost as nerve-wracking as performing himself. “It’s scary. You see them doing so great, but sometimes the judges give them bad feedback on a great performance, and it’s just like us being up there onstage and the nerves get to us. It’s sad and scary.”

Skylar Laine
, Cavanagh’s roommate, also feels the judges were unfair to her pal. “I completely disagree with what they said about Hollie. Cut the girl a break! Like, seriously — did you hear the notes she was holding? That girl’s vibrato is impeccable. I thought that song was beautiful. That song inspires me and she made it even more inspiring. Last week she had a hard time with the judges and this week she was just sitting there like, she laid her heart out on the stage and I was so proud of her.”

Did you think the judges were unfair to Cavanagh? Who do you think deserves to go home.

Posted by:Jean Bentley