colton dixon top 12 'American Idol': Did Jennifer Lopez hit on Colton Dixon?Colton Dixon got rave reviews from Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez for his performance of White Lion’s “Broken Heart” on “American Idol’s” Top 12 night, but Lopez’s comments got a little personal when she told the 20-year-old that he “looks pretty” when he sings.

Hello, pickup line! Let’s be real here: It sounded a little like J.Lo was hitting on the contestant. Though we can’t blame her — the guy’s pretty cute. And there’s no denying that voice. And he’s well-spoken. And he’s really nice. And … we’ll stop gushing now.

Zap2it asked Dixon about Lopez’s critique after the show. When she said he looked pretty when he sings, did it seem like she was hitting on him?

“I sure would like to think so! Man, that was a pretty cool moment on stage,” he says of her “pretty” comments. “That, and she said I was a lover. [Laughs] I wish this was on video. I’m sure I’m blushing right now.”

Dixon laughs as his face gets redder. “It’s so funny because out of all the comments I’ve gotten, it’s always the smoldering look that I give to the camera [that people mention] so I made sure not to do that tonight. [Laughs] But that was a trip tonight. It was funny.”

Still, not every judge liked the performance. Tyler said it wasn’t the right song for him, but Dixon thinks he’ll be able to win him over eventually. “I’m happy with Jennifer and Randy’s comments. Steven not so much, but I’ll work on that one.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley