hollie cavanagh skylar laine american idol elimination 'American Idol': Did Skylar Laine or Hollie Cavanagh go home?At this point in “American Idol” Season 11, the five finalists are so evenly matched, talent-wise, that it’s hard to begrudge any of them for moving on to the next round. It might not have been Phillip Phillips‘ best night (in fact, it was probably his worst), but did that matter to “Idol” voters?

Apparently not — the guitar-playing heartthrob continued his streak of never being in the bottom. He was safe despite what Jimmy Iovine called “two bland songs,” alongside Joshua Ledet, whom Jennifer Lopez deemed one of the best singers she’s seen in the past 50 years (she’s only 42), and Jessica Sanchez.

That left Hollie Cavanagh sitting on her familiar silver stool of doom alongside her roommate and partner in crime, Skylar Laine. So, which singer went home?

After nearly 60 million votes, Laine reached the end of her “Idol” journey. It might not have been the biggest shock, though, because she told Zap2it before her Top 5 performance, “If I go home this week, I’m blessed to have made it this far. I expected to be in the bottom three this past week, and I think I will be this week.”

Was it the fact that, as Jimmy mentioned, she might not have fully understood the lyrics of Credence Clearwater Revival’s “Fortunate Son”? Or maybe people didn’t like the Broadway/Vegas cheese of her Dusty Springfield song.

Other notable results show moments: Coldplay‘s black light graffiti stage during “Paradise,” and Carrie Underwood‘s underwhelming new single, “Blown Away.” (Girlfriend looked great, but that fan in her hair was a little too literal and the song was kinda boring.)

Iovine all but guaranteed Joshua a record deal regardless of how the show turns out. “We at Interscope will do everything we can to not drop this ball,” he says. That should be something nice for Joshua to keep in mind during future results shows.

Do you think the right person went home?

Posted by:Jean Bentley