american idol top 6 elimination lazaro arbos interview fox 'American Idol' eliminated contestant Lazaro Arbos: 'I am the boy American Idol!'

On Thursday (April 11), Lazaro Arbos — the last guy standing in “American Idol” Season 12 — was eliminated from the Top 6. With his departure, Lazaro leaves five girls competing for the season’s top title. What did Lazaro have to say about being the final boy left in the competition? Is he sad to go? Has he at least made peace with the anger of Jimmy Iovine?

We talked to Lazaro right after the show — some of his interview might surprise you!

How are you feeling?

Lazaro Arbos: I am excited to go home and sleep, darling. Yes, that is my main goal now!

Were you expecting to be eliminated this week?

Lazaro Arbos: I don’t know. I just … My thing was I know my first song wasn’t the best song, but I think I came back with my last song. But that wasn’t enough. So I wasn’t shocked.

How do you feel about not making it to the finale?

Lazaro Arbos: My main goal wasn’t to win a TV show. My main goal was to get known as an artist and to have people that love me. And I think I’m one step closer to that. So I don’t want to win! No, as long as I get signed and go on tour and people buy my records, I’ll be fine!

What did Nicki Minaj say to you after the show?

Lazaro Arbos: I love her, she loves me. Regardless of what she says on camera, I love her. And she knows that and we talk after … She said that I will be fine regardless, because I have a lot of people that love me, and she’s not worried about me.

Who do you want to win now?

Lazaro Arbos: I am technically not allowed to say who I want to win, but when you watch the show back, just look at the girl that cried the most, and then you’ll see who I want to win! [laughs]

What kind of album would you like to make eventually?

Lazaro Arbos: I love ballads, but I love pop too. So I want to do an album that has the words mean a lot and come from the heart, but also has a pop vibe. An album like Lady Gaga probably.

How do you feel about Jimmy Iovine being so hard on you?

Lazaro Arbos: Oh Jimmy … He’s a good guy I guess … He definitely toughened me up and I respect him for that. But like I said, he’s not the only guy that owns a record label.

What are you looking forward to on the tour?

Lazaro Arbos: I am so excited to go on tour, because I want to meet my fans so bad! I love to travel, so I’d love to see the whole country and maybe go to the Philippines. I’ve never gone to the other side of the world!

What’s next for you?

Lazaro Arbos: My next goal is to get on “Glee.” I am trying to contact Ryan Murphy, so if he stops by tell him to call me … Ryan, call me maybe! [sings] Call me maybe!

Was it fun being the only boy for awhile?

Lazaro Arbos: Well, for a week — such a short time! I got to boss the girls around … [laughs] No. They’re probably like, “Yes! He’s gone! We are gonna win now!”

At least you were the top guy …

Lazaro Arbos: Yeah! I won for the boys. I am the next American Boy Idol!

Posted by:Laurel Brown