emily piriz american idol 13 eliminated top 12 'American Idol' eliminated singer Emily Piriz: 'Idol' was like an alternate universe
Even if the “American Idol” thing didn’t work out, Emily Piriz had a backup plan: college. But even though she was eliminated in 12th place on the show’s 13th season, she still plans to give music a go. In fact, she and fellow finalist Jena Irene are planning to move out to Los Angeles together this summer — once they both graduate from high school.

“I’m a senior,” Piriz tells Zap2it and a small group of reporters backstage after the Top 12 elimination show. “I’m just gonna go back home … go back to school and graduate. Me and Jena were actually talking that we want to move out to [Hollywood] together this summer.”

The original plan was to go to the University of North Florida and room with her high school friend, so having the whole “Idol” experience is like living in another reality. “It’s weird going through that whole college search,” and not going, she says, “but it’s worth it to be here. It’s like an alternate universe. You have two things planned out in your life. You’re going to go to college or be on TV and be a rock star.”

While it will be strange to go back to her normal life, Piriz says there’s one thing she won’t be sad to leave behind: the early wake-up calls. Everything else, though, she’ll miss. “I’m going to miss everything. It’s all fun,” she says. “It’s all been an experience of a lifetime. I’m never going to get this experience again; I’m never going to be with these people. I’m here every day working with these people and that’s not gonna happen again.”

But since she became so close with everyone she knows she’ll see them again. Piriz’s roommate was fellow Bottom 3 member MK Nobilette, so Piriz says it was strange being in the Bottom 3 with her two best friends from the show. “MK and I were roommates so we got really close and Jena and I are future roommates so we are really close. And our moms got super close too!”

Posted by:Jean Bentley