tim urban elvis week 'American Idol' Elvis week live: Ryan Seacrest dances while Tim Urban singsZap2it’s weekly “Dispatches from Inside the ‘Idol’ Dome” brings
fanatics like you (and us) closer to all the action. What didn’t viewers
see on the TV broadcast? We got it covered.

“American Idol” Elvis week came complete with some Katie-loving librarians, Ryan Seacrest dancing with Michael Sarver and an insane cafeteria lady desperate for attention and/or a t-shirt, bag or iPod touch. What else was happening off-camera?

Signs, signs, everywhere signs…

  • The best sign of the night was a tie between “Librarians [heart] Katie Stevens” and “Eve [heart] Adam.”
  • The first one inspires so many questions — why do librarians love Katie? Is it just librarians or does that extend to other book-related occupations? Is it because she looks like that kiss-up good girl in high school who always came to librarians for help on her term papers? 
  • And the other sign is awesome because who doesn’t love a little Biblical humor?


  • The fervor surrounding the “Glee” cast was crazy. Debbie the Stage Manager had to keep commanding the mosh pit guests to turn around and pay attention to the stage.
  • Matthew Morrison loved Lee Dewyze’s “A Little Less Conversation.” He was bopping around in his seat like he could barely contain himself.
  • Tina Cohen-Chang (Jenna Ushkowitz on “Glee”) has the coolest heart tattoo on her left shoulder blade. One half of it is an upside-down treble clef.
  • Lauri Waring Peterson of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” was in the house. You don’t know who she is? Neither did 95% of the “Idol” audience so don’t sweat it. We got bumped from our seat so that two people she brought with her could sit together (our seat made two seats together and we took a single in the next row down). All we have to say about whomever this girl is who bumped us from our seat is that her skirt was so short we could’ve performed her yearly exam, ifyaknowwhatwemean.

The Judgery and Seacrest

  • After the judges were introduced, Kara practically flew into Adam Lambert’s arms and Simon was right on her heels to shake Adam’s hand.
  • During the first commercial break, Simon’s fiancee and “Idol” makeup artist Mezghan Hussainy, ran out from backstage and gave both Adam and his mom big hugs.
  • The Brian Dunkleman crack got big applause from both Simon and Randy. Hard to tell if it was sincere or sarcastic.
  • During Tim Urban’s performance, Ryan Seacrest was slow dancing with some dude. He said it was Michael Sarver but it didn’t look like Sarver to us. On the other hand, why would Seacrest be dancing with a random dude and then say that’s who it was? Either way, it made Tim Urban (a.k.a. “Turban” now) look quite uncomfortable and seemed out-of-character for Seacrest. The judges were laughing so hard and poor Tim just had to keep performing. We were very upset for him.

Speaking of shenanigans…

  • Cory the Warm-up Host was up to his usual do-gooder activities by handing out t-shirts and bags and iPod touches and Samsung Mystics to kids in the audience, which is great.
  • Unfortunately, a very annoying woman sitting right in front of us kept screaming for Cory to come over, kept announcing that she’s a lunch lady and got really mad when Cory didn’t give her anything. He finally came back to give her a Samsung Mystic and we’re pretty sure it was so she didn’t snap and kill us all.
  • Cory has these questions he likes to ask the little kids in the audience and one of them is “Do you want us to find you a boyfriend/girlfriend in the audience?” They usually giggle and say no. But not 6-year-old Katherine from Massachusetts. No sirree, Katherine gave a very enthusiastic “YES!,” which may have actually flustered Cory for a second. Meanwhile, we’d like to take Katherine out for a drink in 15 years because she rocks.

Check back later for our “American Idol” recap of the performances.

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