nigel lythgoe ken warwick american idol 'American Idol' EP Ken Warwick: 'Maybe we change the voting system slightly next year'Ken Warwick, executive producer of “American Idol,” spoke with the press Wednesday (April 20) about the show’s 10th season so far and what changes might be made going forward.

He says first and foremost that the people involved with “Idol” are well aware of the voting issues.

“It’s no secret that most reality shows are female driven, either by mums or by young girls. It does mean we’re going to get a heftier amount of female votets and it’s always bent towards the boys, obviously,” says Warwick. “We are very much aware that the voting can be skewed towards the boys. It’s something we’re going to have a long discussion about once we finish this [season].”

“We’re going to have discussions on how we can keep it fair … Maybe we change the voting system slightly next year. Maybe we limit the
number of SMS votes or the number of online votes, but it will remain
the way it is for the rest of this [season],” he continues. “It’s the public that vote and
that’s the end of it and that’s what the show’s all about.”

There have been people placing part of the blame for the voting this season on the judges not offering any actual critiques of the contestants.

Warwick responds, “The truth of the matter is these kids are very good and I wouldn’t influence the judges to say anything they don’t absolutely believe … They are trying to keep things on the straight and narrow. What they feel are genuine feelings, that’s all I can ask them to do.”

And as far as the other shows out there like “The Voice” or “The X Factor,” Warwick considers “Idol” still to be the standard-bearer for shows of this ilk.

“I’m not about to change dramatically to keep up with something I haven’t even seen yet and hasn’t been proven,” states Warwick.

“American Idol” airs Wednesday and Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.

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