erika van pelt hair 'American Idol': Erika Van Pelt channels 'America's Next Top Model' with drastic haircut“American Idol” felt a little like “America’s Next Top Model” when finalist Erika Van Pelt revealed her drastic makeover during Top 10 performance night.

Taking the advice of new fashion mentor Tommy Hilfiger, the formerly blonde singer chopped her hair off (a la Pink) and dyed it Joan Jett black for a drastic new look. Unlike some “ANTM” vets, though, Van Pelt took the drastic change like a champ.

“I knew I wanted to do something to my hair,” she tells Zap2it after the show. “Ever since the beginning of the competition, my hair has been in the ‘It’s still growing out’ stage. I had it short for like six years, and over the past three years I’ve let it grow out. The color I wasn’t really doing anything exciting with.”

Besides — there are too many blondes in the Top 10 anyway. “Obviously, Elise and Hollie are blonde and I feel like, even early in the competition, I was drowning in a sea of blondes. I’m a natural blonde, so it discouraged me a little. [When] Tommy Hilfiger suggested I cut my hair, I said, ‘Here’s my opportunity.’ It was not his idea to go dark, that was mine, but I figured if I do it, I’m going to go all out. We cut it, we dyed it and here it is. It’s gone and it’s black!”

Van Pelt’s fellow finalists all gushed about their friend’s new look. Skylar Laine tells us, “The first thing I said when I saw her was ‘Oh crap! I love the hair!’ It’s amazing!”

Joshua Ledet
raves about the new look too. “Erika is a hot tamale. I told her she is so gorgeous and beautiful, I would literally pour her in a glass and drink her.”

Ever his humorous self, Heejun Han had a different take on Van Pelt’s new ‘do. “When she walked in, she looked just like my mom, because she has the same cut as my mom. I was like ‘Mom, what are you doing here?’ But I looked at her carefully and it was Erika.”

Oh, Heejun. Colton Dixon had a much more positive reaction. “Erika looks so freakin’ good. She walked in I was like ‘Ah! I’ve got a rocker girl now!’ It was so awesome.”

What do you think of Van Pelt’s new style?

Posted by:Jean Bentley