phillip phillips jessica sanchez american idol 'American Idol' finale: Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez say 'whatever happens, happens'It’s been nearly a year since Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez first auditioned for “American Idol” Season 11, and now that the end is in sight, the final two singers in the competition are taking a very zen attitude toward the May 22 and 23 finale shows. “We’ve made it this far. We’re still in a competition and we’re still going to do our best, but whatever happens happens,” says Sanchez at a pre-finale press conference the day before the final performance show.

Phillips agrees. “Yeah, Whatever happens happens — it’s not the end of the world,” he says. “I’m not
going to be depressed if I don’t win or anything. It’s all fun and

That said, they’re still taking the finale seriously. “I’m definitely excited, but I’m also stressed. There are songs that we
haven’t even gone through yet,” Sanchez reveals. “So it’s definitely stressful but we’re
both really excited.”

Phillips says he’s not changing his overall outlook on “American Idol,” though. “For me, it’s just like another week. Just have fun. You can’t let it
stress you out. Whatever happens, happens. We’re glad it’s getting close
to the end and it’s almost over. It’s a long, tough journey. It’s not
like it is on TV. We’re just gonna have fun.”

So, what can we expect from the finale extravaganza? The finalists couldn’t talk about their songs, but they did talk about their looks. Sanchez says her outfits will definitely be surprising. “It took a while to come up with them,” she says. “We were trying to come up with an
elegant but also classy but also out there kind of look, edgy, so it’s
definitely going to be different. I’m excited.”

And Phillips could even change up his signature pea-soup-colored T-shirts for a suit — maybe. “I don’t know, you might be intrigued. I might be looking a little sexy,” he says, laughing. “I don’t know. You’ll see!”

Posted by:Jean Bentley