phillip phillips genesis 'American Idol' finalist Phillip Phillips on brother in law Ben Neil: 'My inspiration'Fans of Phillip Phillips got an extra aww-worthy moment during “American Idol’s” Top 8 performance tonight when the 21-year-old singer brought his brother-in-law Ben Neil, the person who inspired him to get into music, onstage to help him perform the Genesis hit “That’s All.”

Phillips said he’d suggested that Ben come play with him, but he didn’t know producers would actually go for it.

“I mentioned it, but I didn’t know anything was going to happen,” the singer tells Zap2it after the show. “It was all kind of a surprise to me. Me and him, we’ve been playing together ever since I started playing guitar, so he’s my inspiration.”

Ben actually helped Phil pick out the Genesis song they ended up performing. Phillips says he hopes they can do it again soon, because you haven’t seen half of what they can do together. “He’s so amazing on the guitar too — you didn’t get to see it tonight, but hopefully after I get through you’ll see some more of it.”

Regardless of what happens on elimination night — “I don’t feel like it was my best performance,” he admits — Phillips says he will cherish the fact that they got to play together on national TV. “I always wanted me and him to have that experience together on a big stage like that.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley