lacey brown andrew garcia l 'American Idol' finishes the Top 24 with Lacey Brown, Andrew Garcia, Lilly Scott and more“American Idol” rounds out the Top 24. Who are your favorites?

Let’s hope tonight we don’t have any Jessica Furney-type meltdowns. That was uncomfortable to watch. We interviewed her today. Find out what she has to say about all her “Idol” experiences here.

We start right in tonight with Janell Wheeler. We see her do a nice job on “American Boy,” but then flub her final solo performance. She’s also very emotional. Ellen chats with her for awhile but finally tells her that she’s made it.

Tyler Grady is up now. I just don’t get him. He’s really not a strong singer, I’m sorry. I really feel like he will be this year’s Sanjaya. Girls and moms will vote until their fingers fall off for this guy, until he’s turned into a caricature of himself and flubbing his way through “Bath water.” Anyway, since I don’t care for him, of course he’s through. With that leather jacket, he is totally Kenickie from “Grease.”

Just-lost-out-last-year-to-Megan-Joy is next in Lacey Brown. Simon is pretty straight-forward with her about the good news. She’s a cute little pixie with funky hair and clothes. We get to see her “What a Wonderful World” from earlier in Hollywood Week and it’s very good. I dig her voice.

Made It Montage. Ashley Rodriguez, Alex Lambert and Jose “Joe” Munoz.

Funky harmonica/guitar girl Crystal Bowersox is next. I really enjoy her, she’s got great natural talent. Simon wonders why a girl like her would be interested in “Idol” but she’s into it and wants it so badly. Simon tells her it was unanimous and that she’s made it. YAY! Her little boy Tony is adorable, even when he’s crying.

Seventeen-year-old Katie Stevens is up now. She’s another favorite of mine. She has a great recording voice and she’s just cute as a button. Ellen tells Katie she doesn’t like to say anything bad to people, so she won’t. Katie has made it.

Didn’t Make it Montage. Maddie Penrose and three other people. Would it kill them to put the names on the screen? Seriously, “Idol!”

Angela Martin, with the dead father and missing mom and Rett Syndrome daughter, is the next person to face the judges. She does not make it and my heart just breaks. Kara goes to sit with her and it’s almost condescending. “Growth” is nice but it’s not a ticket to the Top 24. Ellen looks like she’s ready to vomit, Simon even looks pretty upset. I know that a sob story doesn’t make a good singer, but this girl has had it pretty rough. That is just such a bummer.

Our next contestant is Lilly Scott, who kinda makes me think an if-they-mated between Joan Jett and Taylor Momsen. I like her voice, though. It’s different. Kara calls her “very unique.” “Something can’t be very unique, nor can it be extremely historic,” right President Bartlet? Anyway, Lilly makes it.

Made It Montage. Paige Miles, Siobhan Magnus, Michelle Delamor, Jermaine Sellers and John Park.

I’m pretty sure Paige Miles, Michelle Delamor, Jose “Joe” Munoz and John Park have quite the beef with their pre-Top 24 edit. I hate that about “Idol.” Those four don’t stand a chance in the Top 24 now, not unless their first week is like Carrie-Underwood-“Alone” good.

The last two girls of the night are Tori Kelly and Haeley Vauhgn. Tori deserves this by a mile over Haeley. I really don’t think pop-country Haeley is anything special, though she does need the “Idol” makeover more than Tori. Simon tells Haeley that she can be great, but also annoying. She goes more towards annoying for me, so of course she’s in and Tori is going home. Bummer.

The final two guys are Thaddeus Johnson (with the mommy problem) and Andrew Garcia. Please let it be Andrew. I can’t take that woman for the next however many weeks. Thaddeus gets cut and he starts blubbering just like how I predicted last night. I should take this talent to a psychic hotline. Good for Andrew.

There’s a rather sappy “Hallelujah” montage of the Top 24. Geez, “Idol.” They aren’t CJ’s dead FBI agent or something.

So that’s your “American Idol” season nine Top 24. Who are your faves? Check back on Zap2it tomorrow for an “Idol” bloggers round-up, where “Idol” writers from around the web weigh-in on who the frontrunners are.

EXCEPT WAIT! Tim Urban was in the guys’ montage and Chris Golightly, rumored Top 24 contestant, was not in the montage. And Michael Lynche, rumored to be DQ’d for violating the confidentiality clause, was in there too. Innnnteresting.

UPDATE: Chris Golightly may have been disqualified due to an old contract, fellow Hollywood Week contestant Samantha Musa tweets. She says she spoke with Chris this evening. I’ve reached out to FOX for comment.

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