gene simmons getty 'American Idol': Gene Simmons not impressed with Jennifer Lopez; Brooke White to star in first movieGene Simmons does not hold back when asked for his thoughts on new “American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez: “I don’t think Jennifer Lopez is going to mean a thing. Because she can dance and stuff, but you don’t write songs. I don’t take her seriously as being able to spot new talent.” Simmons does approve of Steven Tyler, saying. “He’s the real deal.” Simmons also claims he was approached to become a judge but turned it down because he “didn’t want to break A&E’s heart.” [OK Magazine]

Former contestant Brooke White is set to star in a television movie called “Change of Plans.” The film revolves around White’s character becoming guardian to her best friend’s child following a tragic accident. Randy Jackson executive produced the movie’s soundtrack, to which White contributed three tracks. [Digital Spy]

Kimberley Locke is set to host and executive produce a TV show called “Making the Curve.” The show is similar to “Idol” in that it will search for musically talented people in America, but the catch is they must be plus-sized. Their goal is to help mentor the first plus-size pop star for the new generation. [Media Meld]
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