I am not familiar with this whatsoever. Wow. This is an incredibly emotional son
g and Kris does some excellent falsetto. I thought only Adam could pull that off this season. I am quite impressed with Kris this week, well done.

Randy pans it. Geez. The crowd goes nuts and it actually sounds like they are genuinely upset not, not being made to boo and jeer via the electric shock zappers embedded in their seats. I'm with the crowd. BOOOOO, RANDY! Kara says one of his best moments in the entire competition. YES! Kara was listening, Randy was too busy being mesmerized by his own sweater.

Lil Rounds, "The Rose" by Bette Midler (The Rose)
Ugh. I hate this song. Should've gone with "All That Jazz," Lil. Right off the bat she is having some pitch issues. This girl is just not *that* good. Lil is doing The-Rose-meets-Big-Tent-Revival and it does NOT work. I supposed she had to do something with it because it's the most repetitive song on the planet after "Row, Row, Row Your Boat," but I do not like this. The pitch goes completely off-the-rails and I feel like she's going to plant a hand on a crippled boy in the audience and declare he is HAYLED! (Say it out loud, it'll make sense). The last note is breathy and unsupported. Blech.

Paula says that Lil could not have sung a more beautiful lyric, which is more a compliment about the song than about Lil. Simon says she is getting it completely wrong, the song was too middle-of-the-road and that there are no excuses anymore. Lil fires back at Simon and I could see it coming across a little as the stereotypical "angry black woman," which will win no votes in middle America (let's be honest). I'm not saying I thought she was out of line (I did not), but it will play the same way Anoop's back-talking played with the added thoughts of "angry black woman," which is unfair, but there it is. Plus, Paula practically snaps her fingers and says, "You go, girl." This has totally devolved into blech.

Recap: Allison doing a nice job but not blowing me away as much as usual, Anoop's high-school-letterman-jacket snoozefest, Adam being a mile better than anybody else, Matt getting a generous clip on the recap because it doesn't show the suck, Danny looking like Sonny Crockett and putting me to sleep, Kris having a MOMENT and Lil doing horrible things to "The Rose."

Bottom 3: Easily Anoop, Matt and Lil. Please send one of them home, guys. Please. Follow Zap2ItIdol on Twitter!


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