american idol group night briana oakley andrina brogden 'American Idol' Group Night: Briana Oakley and Andrina Brogden shineIt’s time for the group performances for “American Idol” Season 13. We were sadly robbed of much of the drama during last night’s first Hollywood Week episode, but we have high hopes for tonight because there are always some groups that nail it and some that absolutely tank.

Standouts include:

  • Three Mo’ Days, made up of three people who have all been in the Hollywood Week group round before. Interesting. They sing “Too Close” and it’s pretty solid, but one member does get cut.
  • Country group Backstreet Cowboys does a twangy version of “I Want It That Way,” plus they’re super adorable. They all make it through.
  • There’s a four-girl group that does “Done” and the two girls we get solo snippets of are both solid, Paula Hunt and Andrina Brogden (above, left).
  • Briana Oakley‘s (above, right) group with MK Nobilette takes on Lorde’s “Royals” and it’s outstanding. Why couldn’t we have seen more of their performance?
  • There’s a guys group that Caleb Johnson absolutely dominates, and he gets through (along with C.J. Harris).
  • The last group of the day, Loud & Fierce, knocks “I Want You Back” out of the park. They don’t blend very well, but that’s not entirely the point. All the solos are strong.

Lowlights include:

  • Spencer Lloyd is kind of a turd about not wanting to rehearse with his group members, which really leaves them hanging in terms of knowing the song. That’s crappy, but it’s not a group competition, we guess. But their performance is a bit of a hot mess.
  • Tyler Ahlgren, one of the members who gets cut from Caleb Johnson’s group, embarrassingly forgot the words and just made up lyrics about how he forgot the words, which is not nearly as cute as a singer always seems to think it’ll be.
  • Sikenya Thompson, who is like the poor man’s Fantasia, totally goes MIA on her group, which includes the big Harry Connick Jr. fan Munfarid Zandi. When they perform, Sikenya frankly does not impress us, even if she is sick, but the judges slather her with praise and put her through. Hmm.
  • Stephanie Hanvey‘s stage mom dances during her daughter’s group performance like she had a three-martini lunch. She then gets real ugly when her daughter is the only person cut from the group. Yikes.
  • Love’s Angels does “Say My Name” and we’re with HCJ — the song did not show their voices off whatsoever.

What did you think of Group Night? Next week: The Final Judgment. Dun dun dun.

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