idol rachel 22 newyork 'American Idol': 'Hallelujah' starts early in Season 10 with Rachel ZevitaRemember six years ago, when “Hallelujah” wasn’t the default song for… everything? We blame the Season 1 finale of “The O.C.,” because now it’s everywhere. “American Idol” contestants tend to whip it out when they’re in dire need of saving (hello, Tim Urban) because “Hallelujah” is the opiate for the masses.

The first to tackle it in Season 10 was the very first audition of the season, 22-year-old Rachel from New York. The 22 year old had previously auditioned – and made it to Hollywood – in Season 6. She was booted in the first Hollywood round.

“I kind of thought it was destiny telling me this wasn’t the best path for me,” Rachel says. Then she had a change of heart. “What the hell is wrong with me? Since when do I give up on anything?”

“I remember you. You can sing. Me and Marc were sitting at home and we were like, ‘Why didn’t that girl go through?'” Jennifer Lopez said as Rachel walked in.

Sure you remember her, Jen. We’re sure it doesn’t say “auditioned in Season 6” on that contestant cheat sheet you were handed.

Weigh in, “Idol” fans — what do you think of the first “Hallelujah” moment?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie