american idol top 5 spice girls fox virgin records 'American Idol' has five girls, could we get a Spice Girls number out of this?

For the first time in the show’s history, “American Idol” has a Top 5 made up only of girls. Kree Harrison, Candice Glover, Angie Miller, Amber Holcomb and Janelle Arthur beat out all of the guys in the Top 10 so we could have an all-female race to the finale.

This is pretty cool by itself. But how much cooler would it be if “Idol” somehow managed to work The Spice Girls into the mix?

Think about it: The most popular girl-band of all time was made up of five beautiful, singing women. “American Idol” Season 12 is made of up five beautiful, singing women. The match is just about perfect!

It gets even more perfect when you think about the identities of each member of the Spice Girls and try to match that with an “Idol” singer. What do we get from that?

  • Candice = Scary Spice (the singer with a big voice that you can’t ignore)
  • Kree = Sporty Spice (the girl next door with an incredible singing voice)
  • Janelle = Baby Spice (the little blonde who is just so cute)
  • Amber = Posh Spice (the fashionista of the group, notable as much for looks as for singing)
  • Angie = Ginger Spice (the slightly wild and very outgoing one that you can’t predict)

We don’t need an entire week devoted to Girl Groups or the Spice Girls or anything like that. A single group performance would work. This coming Thursday, before the Top 5 elimination, would be perfect.

“American Idol” — make this happen!

Posted by:Laurel Brown