american idol vote for the worst website closing sanjaya malakar gi 'American Idol' hating 'Vote for the Worst' website will close after season 12

It’s no fun to kick a show when it’s already down. That seems to be the philosophy behind the impending closure of the “Vote for the Worst” website, a place devoted to destroying “American Idol” by elevating the worst singers to the top. The site will close for good after the upcoming season 12, disappearing in June 2013.

The voice behind “Vote for the Worst,” a guy named Dave, posted an announcement about this on Sunday (Jan. 13). The lengthy explanation for his site’s closure cited the decreasing ratings and increasing irrelevance of “Idol” to pop culture.

“Vote for the Worst” began in 2004 as a reaction to “a show that took itself way too seriously.” Since then, the site has gained fame/notoriety by encouraging votes for contestants like Sanjaya Malakar. It has also encouraged the “white guy with guitar” phenomenon seen over the past few seasons of “American Idol.”

“American Idol is really no longer relevant, so VFTW has accomplished our one true goal: making sure that America stops taking American Idol and other singing reality shows seriously,” Dave posted. “They say when your critics stop talking about you, you’re finished. We’ve been American Idol’s biggest critic, but we’re leaving before we get completely bored with a show that really should’ve bowed out gracefully a few years ago.”

Fans of bad-singer voting need not despair, of course. In addition to the continued run of “Vote for the Worst” through season 12, Dave encouraged his fans to keep up the fight on their own.

“Anytime there’s a terrible talent on TV, that person deserves and should receive your votes,” the blogger claimed. “This movement transcends a website; you should embrace the terrible, the tacky, the cheesy, and the guilty pleasures in life. Life is more fun when you can laugh with its oddities.”

Is this the right time for “Vote for the Worst” to go? Is Dave right about the relevance (or lack thereof) of “American Idol”? Do you plan to vote for bad singers?

“American Idol” Season 12 premieres on Wednesday, Jan. 16 on FOX.

Posted by:Laurel Brown