joshua ledet heejun han 'American Idol': Heejun Han, Joshua Ledet work on their sabotage skillsWhen Zap2it spent Tuesday (March 7) hanging out with the “American Idol” Top 13 contestants, it was clear that the group of 13 had already developed close friendships. You kind of have to, when you’re stuck in such a crazy situation. 

But for Joshua Ledet and Heejun Han, the competition has already started to breed some sinister plans for sabotage. Zap2it spoke to Ledet and close friends Skylar Laine and Hollie Cavanagh, and the Lousiana singer got slightly threatening when talking about how much he loved Laine’s rehearsal performance. 
“She tears that song up. I’m not even gonna lie,” he says. “I don’t get chills, really, but when that girl was singing that song, oh my lord. … I literally want to try and break her leg before the show. She hasn’t had a bad performance yet.”
Cavanagh and Laine know he’s joking, but the sentiment is still shocking. “Oh my God, take that back,” exclaims Cavanagh. 

“I’ve got kind of a sore throat right now, don’t say that,” Laine implores.
It’s all out of love, Ledet insists. 

Han was more direct with his threats while being interviewed alongside Elise Testone
“I’m singing Stevie Wonder and the great thing about it is that he was my idol, of course, but I only get one chance to sing a Stevie Wonder song on this magnificent stage with a great amount of people,” he says. “So it’s amazing. But this is a competition, so we have to try to poison each other…”
Tesone laughs. “And I think differently. I think I would like to encourage everyone to do their best because no matter…”
“No, I don’t think so,” Han interrupts.
Testone continues: “Yeah, because Heejun, he’s just not good [turns to Han and smiles]. No, I think that it doesn’t matter. You don’t want anyone to do bad because we’re all in this together and no matter what happens, the fate is going to be determined by America. Why not everyone just do your best? If you’ve got it you’ve got it.”
Han clarifies: “I think I want to do the best; the rest of them can just do whatever.”
Posted by:Jean Bentley