hollie cavanagh idol 'American Idol': Hollie Cavanagh makes 'The Climb' with the power of MileyHey, if Etta James doesn’t work for you… there’s always Miley Cyrus.

“American Idol”
hopeful Hollie Cavanagh gave James’ “At Last” her very best shot for the judges on Wednesday’s “Idol” auditions show in Austin, TX, but they just weren’t buying it.

The 17-year-old Liverpool-to-Texas transplant was all smiles for her audition… until she heard Steven Tyler‘s reaction. “Well, I heard the lyrics,” he said — never a good start. “But you were all over the place with melody.” Randy Jackson criticized her for switching keys “about five times” and Jennifer Lopez thought she needed to get more comfortable on stage.

Cue the waterworks and the sad piano music in the background.

Randy gave her a no, but Lopez just wasn’t ready to kill a kid’s dream yet, so she asked Cavanagh to pull it together and try again. Nice, really. Make the girl cry, then tell her to sing again.

Cavanagh chose inspirational tune “The Climb” by Cyrus as her second song – and this time, despite crying through the whole thing, she didn’t mess up. “Do you believe that song?” Lopez asked when she finished.

Even Randy changed his vote.

What do you think? Did Hollie win you over, tears and all?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie