hollie cavanagh top 4 'American Idol': Hollie Cavanagh on poor song choice and singing Journey for Randy JacksonOn a night where each “American Idol” Top 4 finalist needed two knockout performances, Hollie Cavanagh faltered. The judges loved her first solo, a cover of Journey’s “Faithfully,” but the 18-year-old Texan says song choice might have tripped her up on her second Top 4 tune, Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me.”

“I don’t know,” Cavanagh says of the judges’ criticism. “I mean, it’s just I guess my song choice. They loved the first song choice but not the second one.”

That could be the kiss of death. “It’s tough only because it’s not good to get bad criticism at this
point,” she admits. But she insists that she truly did connect with the song despite what they said. “I felt it —  I felt the lyrics in it. They can
tell me I didn’t feel it, but if I felt it and I feel like I felt it,
then I felt it. You know?”

This late in the game, that stamp of disapproval could cost her a trip back home, since the fourth place finisher is too busy doing press to sneak in a visit with friends and family. “Only three of us go home.
It’s too late now in the game to — we’ll go do press then come straight back to L.A. for the finale. No going home!”

Still, Cavanagh says that despite what the judges said about her Bonnie Raitt cover, she loves the song. “I really love that song. I think it’s a beautiful song and the lyrics in it are very powerful.”

The Journey song was a risky move considering judge Randy Jackson played with the band for years, but thankfully it turned out okay. ”

“They said it’s really hard to get Journey songs cleared, so the fact that I got one I was like ‘Oh, no pressure,” she says. “It could’ve gone horribly wrong or really good. I honestly tried not to think – I didn’t want to over think it because when I start over-thinking you see that I over think things and it just goes downhill.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley