american idol hollywood week girls 'American Idol': Hollywood Week for the girlsIt’s part 2 of Hollywood Week on “American Idol.” The men’s week was surprisingly free of drama. We don’t think the women’s turn will be quite so chill (no offense, ladies).

It’s a long episode, so strap in kiddos. Here are some highlights:

  • Recovering anorexic Mariah Pulice does a nice job, but her crying sister really gets to us. Angela Miller rocks some “Who You Are,” while Victoria Acosta sounds solid on “Killing Me Softly.” The latter two advance, but not Mariah. Bummer.
  • We see Ashley Smith, Ann Defany and Sarah Restuccio all get cut as well.
  • It’s a country face-off between Rachel Hale and Janelle Arthur, though since it’s not actually an either/or proposition, they both advance. However, Janelle’s “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” brought tears to our eyes, it was so good.
  • Mariah Carey gives one of her “I’m slightly drunk” smiles with glazed-over eyes. Seriously, is she the new Paula?
  • Candice Glover blows the roof off the joint and advances.
  • They’re really hyping how talented the girls are and they definitely seem more talented than the men, though that could all be editing. Do you suppose it even matters? Can a girl even win “American Idol” anymore?
  • Now we’ve got Kez Ban, who we really like. She’s got a great sound. But is she too weird for “Idol”? Also, her solo is really weak, she says she’s working on a cold. Yikes. Briana Oakley is also in that group. She’s so fresh-faced and lovely. Luckily, they both advance.
  • Wow, they advanced 72 girls and have to cut that down to 20. That’s crazy.

Now we move on to the group round, which should prove interesting:

  • At least some of the women are aware that having just females could prove disastrous. Sorry to betray the sisterhood, but, well, girls are cray-cray sometimes.
  • Who doesn’t know “Total Eclipse of the Heart”? Geez.
  • Kez Ban is having some trouble working with her group. She’s voting for “California Dreamin'”, which is a great song, but they go with “Be My Baby,” which is another great song.
  • The Pooh Snaps (what?) has Zoanette, who is a little crackers, and she is not feeling “Knock on Wood.” She’ crying about her group members being country singers, but it’s like — they didn’t stick you with a country song.
  • The Misfits, Kez Ban’s group, found a song, but they just keep having problems with the quirky Kez Ban. Hmm.

The Group Performances:

  • It’s only the newbie judges because Randy is tied up in the studio. With Journey, presumably.
  • The Swagettes do “Hit ‘Em Style” and it’s fantastic. They sound like they’ve been singing together for years. They all advance.
  • Country group Raisin’ Cain does “Sin Wagon” and while the solos may be OK, the harmonies are frightening. Honestly, that was kind of a hot mess. What are the judges smoking? All four advance. Hmph.
  • Almost Famous struggles with finding harmonies on “Somebody That I Used to Know” and their performance is pretty rough. They struggle with the words and the harmonies are not good. What’s crazy is that it’s kind of ridiculous to even criticize them about their blend and harmonies because this isn’t a group competition. But we suppose it shows whether or not you have the musicianship to keep going. Anyway, only one of them advances, Daysia. Savannah is mad because she choreographed the harmonies and some other girl is mad because she helped Daysia with the words. Yeah, that sucks.
  • The Dramatics is having some trouble with Janel, pushing herself to the point of exhaustion and her voice giving out. Hmm. She then is a total whacko the day of the performance, continuing to walk off and act like a space cadet. Then in the performance, she just completely makes up the words. Weirdly, Nicki Minaj loves it. Keith Urban has the opposite response, which is probably because he’s actually familiar with it, as a country artist. Insanely, all four of them advance.
  • Group Urban Hue does “American Boy” and it’s … hmm. There are some highlights, but a lot of it is all over the place. Weirdly, three of them advance (except early favorite Seretha).

Randy returns …

  • Zoanette Johnson is up now with the Pooh Snaps (seriously, what?) and her group member Erin Christine can really sing, but Zoanette is pretty terrible. Seriously, how did she advance this far? Inexplicably, they send her through again and cut one girl.
  • Handsome Women now is shown struggling with one girl who is being a bit of a diva. What else they struggle with is “Somebody That I Used to Know.” Yikes. It’s pretty bad. And then the diva is the only one who advances. The rest of the girls are pretty upset.
  • For You is a group that originally chose “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and changed their song to “Somebody That I Used to Know” two hours before the performance. Yet they all have the lyrics on their hands. Oh, yikes. Again — who doesn’t know “Total Eclipse of the Heart”? Randy’s tough, he calls it “terrible.” Heh. Two of the four make it through.
  • The Dolly Chicks have covered their arms with their lyrics to “Sin Wagon.” Three of them stayed up all night working and one girl went to bed. The girl who went to bed doesn’t know her words, of course. The first two girls who perform do OK. The second two girls are a HOT. MESS. Wow. Insanely, the girl who went to bed goes through and sweet little Brandy goes home.
  • The last group of the day is the Misfits. They’re doing “Be My Baby” and Kez Ban has kind of abandoned her group. They end up doing well, though. Janelle Arthur is the strongest. Gosh, she’s a good country singer. She reminds us strongly of Miranda Lambert. Anyway, they all advance. Huh.

What did you think of the girls’ Hollywood Week? Solos tomorrow night, gang. Join us.

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