idol amy brumfield 'American Idol' hopeful Amy Brumfield, a.k.a. 'tent girl,' has a long rap sheet“American Idol” very notoriously does not like it when its contestants have criminal or otherwise unsavory pasts, so we wonder what’s going to happen to Hollywood hopeful Amy Brumfield, who earned a coveted golden ticket at the Savannah, Ga. auditions during the Season 11 premiere.

Brumfield’s audition package focused heavily on how she and her boyfriend live in a tent in the woods together with their dog, but somehow declined to mention that she’s been arrested at least five times since 2005.

According to TMZ, the 24-year-old Brumfield was last arrested in Tennessee on Aug. 22, 2010, when she was so drunk that she wet her pants in a Baskin Robbins lobby. She was also arrested nine days before that when she was drunkenly stumbling in front of a restaurant trying to find a ride home.

TMZ also has details on her two 2007 arrests, one of which was for staying on a property after her lease ended, and the other was for — you guessed it — alcohol-related issues. Specifically underage consumption, for which she got probation. The details on Brumfield’s 2005 arrest aren’t readily available.

Still, as TMZ notes, Brumfield seems to be turning her life around (despite the whole living in a tent thing). She alluded to overcoming challenges in her intro package. Perhaps she disclosed her indiscretions to “Idol” producers already? They seem to be better about criminal histories when they know about them ahead of time. “X Factor” contestant Chris Rene was open about having been just 10 weeks sober when he auditioned for the show, and he ended up taking third place in the competition.

Check out Brumfield’s audition of the Alicia Keys tune “Superwoman” below.

Posted by:Jean Bentley