idol stefano12 'American Idol': If you don't know Stefano Langone by now...“If You Don’t Know Me By Now” struck a chord with the judges and the studio audience for Stefano Langone on Wednesday’s (March 16) “American Idol.” Even if the folks at home — or some of us — weren’t quite as wowed, Langone apparently brought it with Simply Red’s version of the Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes classic.

Obviously Langone couldn’t mimic the distinctive vocals of Simply Red frontman (and Sideshow Bob lookalike) Mike Hucknall, but he delivered a solid performance that had J.Lo singing along from the judge’s table and screaming “Ten, ten, ten” when it was her turn to weigh in on the performance.

Randy Jackson dubbed Langone’s song “the best performance of the night so far” and Steven Tyler did not buck the trend, calling Stefano’s singing “over the top beautiful.”

How do you think Stefano did?

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson