jordan dorsey american idol 320 'American Idol' in New Orleans: Jordan Dorsey, Paris Tassin wow“American Idol” took its auditions to New Orleans for the second episode of Season 10. While there weren’t as many antics as the premiere episode, it was a solid hour of good auditions and Jennifer Lopez kinda won us over at the end.

Up first, we have Jordan Dorsey, who is an adorable vocal/piano teacher to young kids. He sings “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and it’s pretty gorgeous, plus he keeps changing the style up. Oh, we are in love with this fellow.

A Bad Singing Montage has a shouter, a mush-mouth, a creepy guy who says, “It sounded good to me,” to which Jennifer says, “At the end of the day, that’s all that really matters.” Hee.

Sarah Sellers, with lips that rival Steven Tyler’s, is up now with “To Make You Feel My Love.” She’s got a cool, smoky thing going on. The judges love her, so she’s through.

Up now is Jovany Barreto, a son of Cuban immigrants, who is bringing his flavor and is in love with J.Lo. He sings a song in Spanish that we aren’t even going to try to figure out the title of because we will butcher it. But it’s pretty good. We didn’t love him as much as the first two Golden Tickets.

But he gets his crazy love all over Jennifer Lopez, so that’s cute. The judges put him through. So he … strips? And Randy totally impinges on his shirtlessness, which Randy also drags Steven into. Randy — stop shoe-horning yourself into the spotlight. Let the abs guy show off his abs for J.Lo and put your Randy belly away.

They do a Randy segment because he’s from Louisiana and the prom picture of Randy with the ‘burns and the tuxedo is FABULOUS. An auditioner brings more high school pics, turns out her uncle is Randy’s old football coach and he’s there to say hi. Aw, that’s cool.

The auditioner’s name is Jacquelyn Dupree and she sings “I’ll Stand by You,” with some nice high notes, good tone to her voice. She gets three yesses, welcome to Hollywood.

Brett Loewenstern is up next, he was a kinda different, picked-on kid and then he had his own “Glee” epiphany about being yourself and being comfortable in your own shell. He sings “Bohemian Rhapsody” (the beginning, not the crazypants part, but that would’ve been quite impressive). It’s good, an unexpected voice from what he looks like. He’s through.

We said it last night and we’ll say it again tonight — we love seeing all the Golden Tickets and very few bad ones/crazy people. It’s nice.

The next auditioner is lanky kinda nerdy-lookin’ dude named Gabriel Franks who sings “Bad Romance.” It’s terrifying, but kind of awesome. But it’s 3 nos from the judges, which leads into a Bad Singer Montage that seems to include the King of Clubs and a weird sequined white rapper who gets the metaphorical hook from a boat’s horn. Hee.

Alex Attardo started out at “Idol” camp and he takes on “Proud Mary” with no semblance of a tune at all. Steven Tyler seems to dig his free-flow, interpretive-dance version of the song, but not in a send-him-to-Hollywood way. Not a ringing endorsement for “Idol” camp, guys.

Now we have an adorable chubby-faced 15-year-old boy named Jacee Badeaux who sings “Sittin’ on the DOck of the Bay” and it’s angelic. It’s so good. His voice hasn’t changed yet, but he’ll be really good when he gets a little older. Not that he isn’t good now, but when his full range develops, he’ll be outta sight. He is through unanimously and we hope to see more of Jacee, what a cutie pie.

The last-auditioner-sad-story is Paris Tassin, who became pregnant and found out her baby had Hydrocephalus, which is a build up of water in the skull, leading to brain swelling. The doctors told Paris the baby might not survive and so Paris shouldn’t have her. But she did and her name is Kira. She has hearing aids, but is healthy otherwise.

Paris sings “Temporary Home” by Ms. Underwood and if you close your eyes, she sounds like Carrie on a lot of notes. Interesting. I mean, obviously Paris is good because they wouldn’t tug at our heartstrings like that and then say “no” to her. Though if they ever did that, it’d be kinda funny since this show never does that.

Anyway, Paris has J.Lo in tears in her eyes and so Paris starts crying and J.Lo is staring at this girl like she wants to adopt her and her baby and take her home to her fabulous J.Lo palace and have her kids play with Kira. It’s adorable, J.Lo kinda just won us over, she’s so into it and emotional.
So 37 Golden Tickets were handed out in New Orleans. See you next week!

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