american-idol-kree-harrison-candice-glover-injury-top-7-fox.JPGThis was the week for injuries on “American Idol” Season 12. Both Kree Harrison and Candice Glover had to perform their songs despite injuries that hampered movement. With Kree’s pinched nerve and Candice’s broken toe, we had to ask the singers what was going on. Both of the girls gave us the scoop during post-show interviews.

As it turned out, Candice Glover had the less-serious injury of the two. And she had only herself — and Burnell Taylor — to blame. “It was all Scooter’s fault — Burnell, I call him Scooter,” Candice said of the April Fool’s prank gone wrong. “I was running because I was excited… And ran full-on into the door and broke my pinky toe on my right foot!”

Poor Candice didn’t even know she had a broken bone until right before the live show. “It happened like two days ago, and it was hurting really bad but I didn’t do anything,” she explained. “I thought it was just a stubbed toe, and I thought I would wake up the next morning and it would be fine. But every morning I woke up and it was worse and worse.”

Did her performance with its dance moves and boot stomping hurt the toe even more? Candice admitted to not noticing much while singing, but she thought she might have damaged the foot further during the show. “All the contestants said… every time I stomped they were like, ‘Ow, ow, ow, ow.’ And I was saying the same thing,” the singer said with a laugh.

Kree Harrison was not even up to laughing through the pain after the Wednesday night (April 3) show. In the short interview she was able to give before going to rest, Kree did say that her pinched nerve probably was not directly the result of her fall during the Top 8 results show. “I’ve always had a bad back,” she said. “Now I can barely lift my right arm! I thought the adrenaline kind of pulled me through.”

The singer was, despite obvious pain, mostly worried about how the injury affected her performance. “I just… I pray that people will vote for me,” Kree said, oblivious to how incredible her singing of Janis Joplin was. “And next week, I’m still here, and I’m going to be pain-free.”

Although it did not affect the singing, Kree’s performance did show the influence of the pinched nerve. Her emotional tears at the end of the piece were directly caused by the injury. “I’m just emotional because I’m in so much pain,” she admitted. “I want to enjoy this experience and be all the way into it. But literally, it’s like someone is stabbing me right now.”

At least Kree had a solid plan for her post-show therapy. “Bathtub. Bathtub sitting,” she said. “That’s where I’ll be tonight.”

Posted by:Laurel Brown