american idol top 4 kree harrison rough interview fox 'American Idol' interview: Kree Harrison talks about her tough Top 4 night

The “American Idol” Top 4 performances didn’t go too well for Kree Harrison. Although the judges couldn’t find any faults in her actual singing, they spent a great deal of time talking (and occasionally yelling) about her song choices and stage presence. After the show, we talked to Kree and were happy to find her taking the rough night in stride.

What was it like to receive so much criticism from the judges?

Kree Harrison: I mean, constructive criticism is not a bad thing for me, because I’m not going to stay here and just be safe. I like challenges and to put a fire under my butt.

If the constructive criticism is helpful, what will you take from what the judges told you tonight?

Kree Harrison: What Keith said really stuck with me, because he has been rooting for me since the beginning, fighting for me actually. I mean every word that I sing and you ought to believe me, so I guess I’m going to have to show that more and literally tear down every wall that is there. I’m going to try and do that and hopefully I will be here again to do that. I hope no one goes home this week!

Did you feel like your energy was different tonight?

Kree Harrison: I try to have as much energy as I possibly can right now because we are all so drained. But I had fun with my first song, whether or not they thought it was a good song choice. The crowd was so much fun to interact with during it. I don’t know — I mean every song was a blast and hopefully we will be able to do that more on tour.

It’s usually seen as a dangerous choice to sing an Adele song in a competition. Did you consider singing a different duet with Amber?

Kree Harrison: Yes. We spent more time picking the song than actually rehearsing it. Because it was so intense, I mean two girls trying to do a duet that are completely different … I was glad we chose that song though and I had so much fun. I can’t wait to watch it and see what happened!

You even inspired Nicki and Mariah to almost do a duet.

Kree Harrison: I know! I loved that. I brought them together. I guess I’m the mediator! Mamas do that, mamas do that … [laughs]

Posted by:Laurel Brown