american idol top 4 candice kree angie amber interview fox 'American Idol' interview: The Top 4 talk about their big save and what's coming next

The “American Idol” Top 4 singers got a reprieve during the elimination show on Thursday (April 25). Instead of one of the bottom two going home, all four girls get to return for another week of singing.

We talked to all four of the singers — Candice Glover, Amber Holcomb, Angie Miller and Kree Harrison — about the big surprise and what this means for them.

Did you hear any rumors today about what would happen tonight?

Angie Miller: We didn’t hear anything but we all guessed it.
Amber Holcomb: We all really, really wanted it to happen.
Candice Glover: We all get inside our minds and we think, “Oh my god, why is she looking at me like that?! Does she feel bad for me? Am I going home?” Every Thursday is like that.
Angie: Like right before they said the top 2/bottom 2, Nigel [Lythgoe] came up to me and Kree and was like “So the band knows your save song, right?”
Candice: He didn’t come up to me and Amber and I thought, “Oh, he is trying to throw me off?” He didn’t even come over to us.
Kree Harrison: I was practicing my farewell song.
Candice: Yeah. We all were.
Kree: I was singing it out loud!

Were you excited when Drake came out tonight?

All: Yeah!
Candice: I could not believe that happened. I think I was too strung out to even cry. I didn’t even know what was going on when they were like, “Oh, he couldn’t make it.” And I thought, “Oh all right. He sent a message.” And when I heard everybody scream I was like, “Oh okay!”

It was like Paula Abdul coming out last week!

Candice: Yeah, they did the same thing! All day I was thinking, “They aren’t going to do the same thing.” I was thinking about it thought because Nicki tweeted a picture with him, and I was like “She’s trying to tease me.” So I thought something was going to happen but I didn’t know what.

People were screaming before he even came out …

Amber: Look, you know what? That thing sounded too close. It didn’t sound like a recording. You could tell if he was on the phone or something.
Candice: I didn’t even think about that!

It makes sense that Candice was so excited, but what about the rest of you?

Angie: You need to understand her love for Drake. We understand.
Amber: Yeah. We talk about it. We were like, “Oh here he comes!”
Angie: Honestly, we weren’t cheering because Drake was there. We were cheering because we were like, “Yeah Candice!”
Candice: Yeah, I looked over and y’all were like “Yeah girl!” I was like “Oh my God! What do I do?!”

What did Drake say?

Candice: He just thanked me for doing his song, and he said I was doing a good job and to stay true to who I am and he really loves me and he’s going to watch for me and he said I could sing with him on tour one day. I was like, “Oh okay. Let’s go!”

What strategy do you have going in to next week?

Amber: Song choice is …
All: Everything!
Candice: Yeah, I know that now.
Kree: Yep.

When do you pick your songs for next week?

Angie: We already have them picked out.

So you don’t change them after you learn the results of the previous week?

Angie: No. We just finalized them today.
Candice: And then if something doesn’t work out like you thought then you can [change it].

Does having this and next week’s votes count make it more or less stressful?

Amber: That makes it more on me because I was still in the bottom.
Candice: Yeah, I was in the bottom too so it couldn’t have been that much votes! [laughs]
Amber: And now I have to kill, kill, kill … Oh that was funny. I just processed what you said!

How many times will you practice your songs for next week?

Candice: A million.
Angie: Yeah, a lot.

How will you celebrate your week with no eliminations?

Angie: Throughout the week we just have so much fun together.
Candice: We are always together. Each day is a celebration.
Amber: Celebration!
Kree: How are we going to celebrate?
Candice: Kree, I wish you could cook!
Kree: I wish I could cook too.
Candice: Kree loves to cook but she’s never got the chance to cook for us.
Kree: There’s no kitchen! That’s okay. Mamma will order food.

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