american idol hunger games 'American Idol' is like 'The Hunger Games,' says Heejun HanSure, all of the “American Idol” finalists are dreading the day they eventually get voted out of the show, but there might be a deeper reason why all the contestants want to win the competition — a deadly reason.

Much of the cast tells Zap2it that they’re excited to see “The Hunger Games,” but Heejun Han says he’s thinking twice because it hits too close to home.

“We really wanted to go watch ‘Hunger Games,’ but we just realized ‘American Idol’ is the same thing as ‘Hunger Games’ anyway,” he reveals. Wait — is Heejun saying that Season 11’s big twist is that the ol’ heave-ho from America means the singers get brutally murdered?

Not literally — just emotionally, Han says. (Phew.)

“It’s pretty sad when you think about going home when your friends are here doing their own thing. It’s pretty much ‘Hunger Games.’ ‘Hunger Games’ they kill you physically, but ‘American Idol’ they kill you emotionally and mentally.”

Pretty deep stuff, man.

Meanwhile, although none of the contestants we spoke with on Top 10 rehearsal day had read the books (maybe Erika Van Pelt has, we’ll have to ask her later), many said they planned to, and couldn’t wait to see the movie.

“I have not read ‘The Hunger Games,’ but I want to so bad! I wish we had more spare time,” Colton Dixon laments. “All of my friends say ‘read “The Hunger Games,” read “The Hunger Games!”‘ And the movie looks so flippin’ good. I want to see it so bad. I can’t wait.”

DeAndre Brackensick echoes that sentiment. When we inform him of Han’s theory that maybe “Idol” is a little similar to the Games, he totally agrees. “That’s why you never see us after!”

Hollie Cavanagh said they’re on her reading list — even though she was supposed to read them in school. “When people tell me to read a book, I’m just like ‘Nah.’ But when I want to read it I’ll read it. But I know enough of the book to see the movie. I’m really excited for the movie — it looks really good!”

Posted by:Jean Bentley