zap2it james durbin 320 'American Idol': James Durbin addresses the Adam Lambert comparisonsSurprising no one, 21-year-old rocker James Durbin advanced to “American Idol’s” Top 13 on Thursday, Mar. 3.

America was won over by James after hearing about his struggles with Tourette’s and Asperger’s. He kept their support coming with his consistently good performances, including “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin'” by Judas Priest during the Top 24 round.

From the beginning, James has reminded “Idol” viewers of Season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert. Like Lambert, James has remarkable control and range and can also get a little screamy. Lambert even tweeted about James on Mar. 2, saying, “Durbin sounded bada** tonight! Lot more control! And while we both have
a rock scream I think we’re pretty different stylistically.”

So we know what Lambert thinks of the comparisons, but how does James feel about being compared to one of show’s most polarizing contestants ever?

“I’m my own person. He’s his own person. We’re completely different stylistically. He tweeted about me after my performance, I really appreciate it,” James tells Zap2it at Idol’s Top 13 Party. “But as far as comparisons, I’m James Durbin. All I’m going to be is James Durbin. I’ve never tried to be someone else. I’m never going to be somebody else.”

He adds, “I appreciate everything he did for ‘American Idol.’ He put his foot in the door for people like me, but I’m here to put my foot through the door.” Well said, James. Well said.

To hear more James, including who he is closest with in the competition and if we will be seeing his signature “bandanna tail” every week, watch our interview with him below:

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