durbin closer 'American Idol': James Durbin's 'Closer to the Edge' brings him closer to the finaleRandy Jackson really was right: The title of  “American Idol”  — Season 10 edition — is James Durbin’s to lose at this point. Sheryl Crow sealed the  deal when she gushed, “I sang with James. I feel like I can officially retire now.” High praise much?

Thankfully, Durbin’s season-long streak of good performances didn’t come to an end on Wednesday, May 4. Durbin kicked the show off right with a high-energy performance of 30 Seconds to Mars’ “Closer to the Edge.”

All of Durbin’s performances feel more like a concert than a reality show, but “Closer to the Edge” especially felt like a rock concert, with Durbin working the stage like a pro and asking the audience to scream or sing the lyrics.

What did the judges have to say about Durbin’s performance?

Jackson:  “Dude, I’m telling you what: James is in it to win it! He wants it!”

Jennifer Lopez
: “I know America’s feeling it and we’re feeling it right here. It’s yours to take, James.”

Steven Tyler
: “James, man. I think you kicked that song’s a**. The way you work the audience, your ready for Freddie.”

What did you think of Durbin’s performance, Zappers? Do you think the competition really is his to lose at this point?

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