jason derulo american idol finale 'American Idol': Jason DeRulo loves Jessica Sanchez but Jordin Sparks is voting for Phillip PhillipsJason Derulo and girlfriend Jordin Sparks have a friendly wager going over who’s going to win “American Idol.” The singer, who performed the original song “Undefeated” — written with the help of “Idol” viewers throughout Season 11 — says he and his lady are on different teams. Derulo is rooting for Jessica Sanchez, while Sparks, who won “Idol” in Season 6, is voting for Phillip Phillips.

“If I was voting tonight I would be voting for Jessica,” he says backstage after part one of the finale. “I’m Team Jessica. Jordin is actually Team Phillip, so we have this little wager going on right now.”

The terms of the bet aren’t too terrible for either side. “If she wins, I have to cook her a nice meal,” he says. “I can’t even cook hot dogs, let alone an actual meal. So I have to get a recipe book and do it right. If I win, she has to give me a foot massage. She hates feet, so I’m like ‘Yeah, I want a ten-minute foot massage.'”

Speaking of Sparks, Derulo says she’s been instrumental in helping him recover from the accident that left him in a snazzy bedazzled neck brace for the past several months. “I guess the best way to put it is her being the backbone of the whole situation,” he says. “It was a rough process and I guess a lot of people get really, really low into a crazy depression and stuff like that. But when you have somebody, it makes everything so much better. And just her being there when she could’ve been anywhere else in the world, she was that backbone for me.

Posted by:Jean Bentley