shannon jessica deandre top 13 'American Idol': Jessica Sanchez, DeAndre Brackensick on the trouble with '90s songsFor Top 12 week, the “American Idol” finalists were tasked with singing a song released during the year they were born. It’s a wide well to choose from, but “Idol’s” three youngest contestants found the theme extremely difficult.

Jessica Sanchez and Shannon Magrane both tell Zap2it that 1995 isn’t exactly ideal for the type of music they like to sing. “I’m feeling a bit iffy because our year wasn’t that great for us,” Sanchez says.

Magrane explains: “1995 was a crazy year — it was, like, when rap and hip hop and all those people were coming into play. There’s a little bit of Mariah Carey in there — there are some good ones in there — it was just hard for us to pick a song because it’s not really our genre. Like hey, yo, rap stuff like that. [Laughs]”

DeAndre Brackensick
encountered a similar difficulty choosing a song from 1994. “[It] was the year of, like, hip hop and rap stuff. Tupac and Snoop was
really out there, Warren G and all them, and just like, more of the boy
band stuff, and the ‘I’ll Make Love to You’ and the bump and grind.”

That’s not a bad thing, he says — except that it’s a little too racy for a 17-year-old to sing on national television. “Stuff like that that I can sing,” he says,” but I can’t sing on a TV show. So it was
good, but then it wasn’t good for the situation.”

Brackensick too feels iffy about the week. “I’m very nervous. It’s really,
really different from what I sing. I went through a long process of
picking the song, so hopefully it works. I went through eight songs with
Jimmy and finally we just picked this.
It’s just really different for me, a different feel.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley