jessica sanchez proud mary dress american idol 'American Idol': Jessica Sanchez on the problem with her tight dressJessica Sanchez has worn tight dresses and towering heels all throughout “American Idol’s” eleventh season, but only during the Top 5 results show did the judges and Jimmy Iovine call out the 16-year-old for dressing a little too mature for her age.

Sanchez tells Zap2it that she thinks the judges might not have taken issue with her tiny white number had she not worn it during the upbeat, sassy “Proud Mary.” “I think it was just becaus, like, I had my tight little dress on. I mean, if It were for ‘You Are So Beautiful’ it might not have been a problem. But I sang that song ‘Proud Mary’ and then I danced around everywhere and  I flipped my hair everywhere and it was big and my makeup was on and it was all just way too much to take in for America, you know?”

Frankly, she isn’t changing her look up much for Top 4 week. “I’m still going with dresses,” she explains. “They might be a little [on the small side] but I won’t be dancing around this time so [hopefully it’ll go over better].”

Song-wise, though, she is definitely going with the unexpected. “My song choices are definitely different — not something you would expect from me. I’m really pulling out the big guns this week. I’m really trying to tell America that I’m here and I think this is the perfect time to do it. Even if I don’t touch the audience like I want to, I mean, I’ve made it this far.”

No, she didn’t really have a leg up on the California Dreamin’-themed song even though she’s a San Diego native.

“You’d think since I’m the only one left in this competition from California that it would be easy peasy lemon squeezy, but it wasn’t. I mean, there are so many songs from California, a lot of current songs like Katy Perry and a lot of other other artists, but it’s really hard to sing a mainstream song when you’re in a competition like this and [need to] show off your vocal ability. You can’t really do that with current songs unless you change it up, and then people are going to get mad. So I picked more of an older song. I’m just going with my gut on this one. Hopefully it works out.”

As for the other pick, “songs you wish you wrote,” Sanchez said it was much easier to choose. “That one was a piece of cake, picking that song. I’ve been singing that song my whole life, ever since I was a 7-year-old little girl. So I’m excited for that one — hopefully I get to close out the show with that one.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley