john park jermaine sellers 'American Idol': John Park, Jermaine Sellers on their most memorable 'Idol' momentsJohn Park and Jermaine Sellers were eliminated from “American Idol” but have nothing but positive feelings about their entire experience on the show.

John Park

On his most memorable moments of the journey:
It’s just meeting the other contestants and really becoming god friends. Also working with Rickey Minor and the band. I mean, just working with the top of the top crew and band and coaches, it was just incredible.

On Simon’s harsh remark that John would soon rejoin his acapella group:
He was basically saying that I might go home this week. He of course dramatizes it so people at home watch it and get a kick out of it. I don’t really mind it because I understand where he’s coming from. That’s just who he is on TV. After the elimination happened and I sang my last song, he came up to me and shook my hand and said good job for coming this far. He’s not that mean of a guy, actually.

On what he would have chosen for next week:
I actually hadn’t really figured it out yet, but I was thinking either a Stevie Wonder song … or Mark Broussard or Britney Spears. I had a long list of songs I wanted to choose from and try different things with, but I didn’t get as far as choosing a song.

On what’s next for him:

I’ll probably go back to school this upcoming quarter. I’ll just take some time off to decompress and think about if performing is really what I want to pursue. Of course, that’ll change if I get different offers from different people. Everything’s really up in the air but basically I want to finish school at some point and pursue music, performance or not performance, just the music industry.

On his whole “Idol” journey:
I’ve never believed in myself this much. Just meeting all these incredible and talented peopel … has really been like a dream. It all still seems kind of surreal that I went through all of this. This experience definitely made me realize that I do want to pursue music instead of going back to school and studying economics. When I go back to school, I’ll most likely study something that is going to be more relevant to the music industry. Even if it’s not performing, I’d like to have a career in the music industry. I just want to thank everyone for their support and their kind words.

Jermaine Sellers

On the best part about “Idol”:
The best part about it is just being there. Being in that first line with 15,000 people and meeting so many different people, then making it to the Top 20. It’s a blessing. Just getting on that platform and being able to not just sing to people but minister to them too. Poeple don’t realize the reason I sang “What’s Going On?” is because I felt like we’re not paying enough attention to what’s going on as far as Haiti, as far as Chile. We’re not paying attention to it. We should be focusing on what’s actually going on in the world right now.

On if he thinks his faith affected the voters:
Though I hate to say it, yeah I do. Sometimes the camera can make you look more arrogant and diva-ish, but anybody that knows me knows that I’m the coolest guy. I like to make people laugh. I honestly do wear a onesie to bed, the whole nine yards. I hate it that I was made out to look like something that I”m not, but you know it’s television. I felt like every night that I went out there I sang from my heart and the part that really messed me up the most was I couldn’t focus because I was so scared about what was going to be said each week about over-singing.

On the funny backstage moments:
I would have to say the funniest moment is group night, every night
with those songs. Choreography and all of us having two left feet
that’s the funniest moment, honestly. Just going out there and remembering how to park and bark and block in the right place.

On what he is doing next:

I see myself being a contemporary artist. My style is very much what BB and CC Winans were like, they sang songs like “Heaven” and “Lost Without You” and it’s still marketable, that crossover market.

His advice for future Idols:

I want to thank all of you for the support. If I could say anything to the younger people that are out there that are going to try out know this — the sky’s the limit and just because you only go so far with your career, once you get to that platform you know that God has a purpose … and you’ve got to keep struggling and you’ve got to keep striving and you’ve got realize that there is a reward at the end. Keep your head to the sky.

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