joshua ledet jacket 'American Idol': Joshua Ledet will perform nude for Billy Joel week (KIDDING)Joshua Ledet bared a lot during “American Idol” Top 10 week with his scorching cover of Percy Sledge’s “When a Man Loves a Woman.” But the most triumphant moment came when the 19-year-old Louisiana singer shed his jacket and slayed that key change, bringing the judges to their feet (if they weren’t up already) and garnering positive feedback across the board. This week, though, he could bare a lot more.

Ledet tells Zap2it that he’s so proud of his performance last week, but in a way he’s even more scared for his upcoming Billy Joel number.

“It feels so good to get that feedback from the people, but it’s also a tough challenge just knowing you have to live up to that bar and to keep improving each week,” he explains. “It’s like, how do you beat that? Because I feel like I gave my all in that performance and just knowing that I have to do something better each week, it’s very tough.”

Don’t feel sorry for the singer, though. He’s got something up his sleeve to rival that slick jacket removal: nudity.

“I think I might take off all of my clothes, except for my boxers,” he jokes. “Nah, I’m just joking,” he clarifies with a laugh. “I think I just have to use my mind and my eyes and my facial expression and moving my body to get the crowd into it.”

You heard it here first — when all else fails, don’t count out nudity as a potential vote-getting tactic.

Posted by:Jean Bentley