Terriseymour_290 You're never safe from the influence of Simon Cowell, even if you're his ex-girlfriend.

Terri Seymour, British TV personality and former flame of the "American Idol" judge, was attacked Tuesday night following the taping of the finale in Los Angeles, reports TMZ.com.

According to the gossip site, Seymour was leaving the LA Live theater where the show was being taped when 33-year-old Janice Thibodeaux approached her and asked if Seymour was Cowell's girlfriend. That's when Thibodeaux allegedly tried to get her hands on Seymour's neck and choke her.

Thibodeaux was booked on felony battery and is being held on over $50,000 bail.

What could drive a woman to such lengths? Is it her passion for Simon? Or perhaps her anger over his comments? You be the judge.


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