kimberley locke 320 getty 'American Idol': Kimberley Locke's Season 9 faves are Michael Lynche, Siobhan MagnusIn between cutting a new single “Strobelight” (due out April 6), “American Idol” Season 2 finalist Kimberley Locke has found some time to watch the Season 9 Idols.

Kimberley tells Zap2it, “Big Mike is my favorite. He’s like a seasoned performer. Watching him is like watching somebody who’s been doing it for 20 years … I got the opportunity to talk to him and he is the most gentle soul and just the sweetest person.”

We shared with Kimberley that when we met Michael Lynche at the Top 12 party, he immediately gave us a big hug even though we had never met before and she laughs, “Yes! He’s so genuine and he genuinely loves music … I’ve never seen a man who loves his wife so much. And he gets that there has to be a connection between the music and the fans out there. He puts so much into his performances.”

So are there any others Idols Kimberley favors? “I love Siobhan. I love her. She’s a dark horse,” gushes Kimberley. “I think that nobody was paying any attention to her in the beginning and she made them pay attention to her. She’s like, ‘You might not like me because I’m a little weird, I’m a little left-of-center, but you can’t deny that I’ve got talent and I can sing.’ That’s what I love about her. People were like she’s the least the their worries whereas now, I think she is one of the people to beat.

The Season 9 Idols take on R&B/Soul this week with Usher as a mentor, so hopefully Kimberley’s favorites have a good showing. Look for more Kimberley Locke stuff this week on Kara and Ellen as judges, plus what the show will be like without Simon. And next week, we’ll have an in-depth interview to coincide with Kimberley’s release of her brand new single “Strobelight,” which you can listen to early here.

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